Timber Lining and Cladding

What goes down must go up!?


Think outside the box when it comes to applying some style to your new outdoor space. Why focus on the ground when you can do all for walls plus a ceiling. With plenty of options for ceiling lining and cladding in both timber and composite, you can really add something special to your new area.

There are endless materials and styles on the market to offer a wide variety of design and installation methods. When considering ceiling lining or wall cladding, think how it will go with your current set up. The right choice can compliment other aspects of your outdoor area likeĀ  furniture, landscaping, painting etc. If you are not sure then please get in touch with us at Perth Outdoor Carpentry o with can assist you with your inquiries.

Due to the competitive market in supplying these products, each manufacturer has a varied range unique to them. Research is key when sourcing the product you would like to use. If however you are after a more traditional product, have a look in to someĀ  of these.

  • Cedar
  • Jarrah
  • Spotted Gum
  • Blackbutt
  • Pine variations
  • Composite
  • Fiber Cement sheeting


Timber lining and cladding photos

Click to check out some photos of timber lining and cladding jobs.