Fencing and Gates

En-garde, Touché,  ship-lap!


Fencing doesn't have to be a sword fight but is a necessity to every property not only as practical solution but also a lawful one as well. Fencing acts as a dividing line, whether it be for separate land rights or controlled areas within an area. The main objective is security control in a sense. Now Security is a pressing issue for everyone but far to often gets overlooked due to bad design or high costs. Well at Perth Outdoor Carpentry we do not think you need to sacrifice form over function. Installing the correct fencing and gates can not only improve and maintain security of your property but can also give it a high visual impact.

Having a well designed fencing system to suit your property gives it far greater street appeal. Its one of the first things people see when entering the property. This can sway their opinion on the rest of the establishment, including the occupants. Details like these are of high importance if you are looking to sell the property. You may be a  business that relies on walk in custom, or you could just want to one-up the neighbor. Either way, you will benefit from right fencing system .

Access to your property via a gate should compliment your fence line or wall. With the need for swing space and not to foul on vehicles or other objects, implementing the right idea is crucial to success. Make sure you have considered all aspects of the new fence and gate system before installation, if in doubt give us a shout.

A solution to your problems can be found at Perth Outdoor Carpentry, whether it be a front yard picket fence or Colourbond style rear fence.

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