Extras and Custom Build

The great outdoors in your eyes


Lets face it, half the year your looking out the window at it, the other half your in it so why not fill it with things you enjoy. Even if it is just you that will get enjoyment out of it doesn't mean that its any less a requirement. Adding a personnel touch in the way of a fully custom designed product to a space can really emphasize your personality as well as the character of the property.

Having custom build components cant solve all sorts of problems like raised garden beds to keep the pets out or by installing an outdoor shower to clean off the pool water, if their is a demand then we can supply.

You may find that you don't have the space you would like. For instance, multiple dwelling or apartments. These in general have no or very little space to work with, generally a balcony or courtyard being the norm. Well at Perth Outdoor Carpentry we don't think that you should go without. Now we are not saying that we can build a tree house in your tomato plant but we can definitely have a look at introducing something to separate you from the neighbors. How about a hanging garden or plant box. If enough clearance available then we may even be able to put down some composite decking or screening. Its worth a phone call to us to see how to get the most from you area.

Don't let the market and suppliers dictate what you can and cant have. Looking for something in particular? Well let one of our trades people help you out, whether its from a feature wall to a garden bench. We can help design, construct and fully install your idea bringing it to life.


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